News 2008 - 2012

We were very proud to be both invited and contracted to plant the Petersfield Jubilee specimen Oak tree in the centre of the town in December 2012. The 15 year old, 6 metre tall tree required machine lowering into place with underground anchors and irrigation pipes to secure and maintain it for the future.

VGC are award winners and recently won the Silver award from Alton in Bloom
2012 for Best Residential Premises for one of the gardens we care for in
that town. We draw upon a wealth of knowledge when undertaking garden
maintenance, whatever the size of garden.

We are focusing more on our safety surfacing with the release and development of new systems that we have been developing for the last three years and are now ready for you the consumer.....Read more

Fed up with installing safety surfacing systems which fell well short of VGC's exacting standards, led their team of experienced Groundsmen to develop their very own more stable and far more durable systems..........Read more

Bloomin’ marvellous as local Petersfield Company is recognised for its contribution to In-Bloom awards.............Read More







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