Safety Surface SPS4©

The SPS4© safety surfacing system is more stable, more durable and doesn't sink.

Thanks to a unique 3 layer system.

The SPS4© surfacing system method is the longest lasting safety matting surface yet and follows over 3 years RESEARCH and DEVELOPMENT.

3 layers in all. SIMPLY brilliant as it really does stop sinkage AND allows for full vegatative growth!

The SPS4© surfacing system uses the BEST MATERIALS produced by leading manufacturers. It's a full install of a ground reinforcement structure upon porous membrane that provides a geologically stable system for the safety surface and allows vegatative growth above with a full install of matting on top.

SPS4© surfacing system is suitable for:

Schools - Safety play areas
Council - Playgrounds and public areas
Public Houses - Children and play areas
Suitable for erosion control

This system complies with safety standards BS EN 1177, BS 7188 and is installed to insurance specifications.

All systems are competitively priced against other leading surfacing solutions.